Est. Monthly Payment


REAL Monthly Cost

A monthly payment is made up of these components:
  • Principal $0
    The principal is the amount that pays back and reduces the loan balance. As time passes, the amount you pay in principal each month will increase as the interest amount decreases.
  • Interest $0
    Interest is the ongoing cost of borrowing the money. As time passes, the amount you pay in interest each month will decrease while the principal amount increases.
  • Taxes $0
    Real estate or property taxes are held in an escrow account. The estimate here is based on 0% of the property’s sales price. Actual taxes may vary.
  • Homeowner's Insurance $0
    Homeowner's or hazard insurance payments are held in an escrow account. The estimate here is based on a factor of of the sales price.
  • Mortgage Insurance $0
    Mortgage Insurance may be required with lower down payments or certain types of loans.
The real cost is your monthly payment minus these factors:

Adjust Payment Factors

  • Loan Amount
  • Loan Amount + Down Payment = $0 Sale Price
  • Down Payment
  • Interest Rate
  • Closing Cost Factor
  • Loan Term
    30 Years
  • Tax Factor
  • Insurance Factor
  • Tax Bracket
  • Appreciation

Ever wondered what you could purchase for the amount you're spending in rent each month? This handy tool will give you an idea of what your monthly mortgage payment could look like and some benefits of owning a home that may lower its real cost.

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